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This directory contains information about all lawyers who are members of the Austin Bar Association. To search for a member, fill in at least one of the fields below and click "search". Or, view names alphabetically in alphabetical listing.

Anne-Marie Abarado
Anne-Marie Abarado Hanna & Plaut, L.L.P.
Ramsey Abarca
Ramsey Abarca Attorney General-Open Records
Ali Abazari
Ali Abazari Jackson Walker, L.L.P.
Governor Greg Abbott
Governor Greg Abbott Office of the Governor
Sean Abbott
Sean Abbott Allen Boone Humphries Robinson LLP
Lara Abi habib
Lara Abi habib Comptroller's Office
Daniel Abrahamson
Daniel Abrahamson Attorney General's Office
Michael Abrams
Michael Abrams Attorney General's Office
Ashleigh Acevedo
Ashleigh Acevedo Lloyd Gosselink
Linda Acevedo
Linda Acevedo State Bar of Texas
Melissa Ackie
Melissa Ackie Littler Mendelson P.C.